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Final Presentations

Course Recap

Course Recap: Commitment

    6 hours/week of class

+4 hours/week of homework

10 hour/week of work

x 10 weeks

100 hours of total work

NOTE: Average college course consist of 45-48 hours of instruction

Course Recap: Skills Learned

FEWD covered:


2) CSS

3) JS

4) jQuery

5) A ton of misc topics: text editing, browser debugging, etc.

Course Recap: Skills Learned (ctn)


• Dozens of elements (<h1> to <a>)

• Attributes: src, href, id, class, etc.

block, inline, and inline-block elements

<div> vs. <span>

• Semantic HTML5: <header>, <nav>, <article>

• Page layout: <head> vs. <body>

Course Recap: Skills Learned (ctn)

2. CSS

• Numerous CSS styles

• CSS selectors (#someEl, .someClass, nav a span)

• The Box Model (padding, margin, border)

• Advanced Layout: Floats/Clears

• Responsive web design w/ fluid layouts and media queries

• Flexbox + Grid

Course Recap: Skills Learned (ctn)

3. JavaScript

• Data types (strings, numbers, booleans)

• Variables and program state

• Functions and function arguments

• Conditional, if/else statments

• Browser events (click, submit, hover)

• Concept of this, function context

Course Recap: Skills Learned (ctn)

4. jQuery

• jQuery CSS selectors $('#someEl')

• HTML/CSS manipulation

• Toggling visibility .hide(), .toggle()

• HTML insertion: .append(), .prepend()

• Animation using .animate()

• Various libraries and plugins

Course Recap: Skills Learned (ctn)

5. Misc

• SublimeText!

• File/directory creation and navigation

• git and GitHub

• How the internet works

• Browser debugging (Chrome Dev Tools)

Course Recap: Slack Statistics


Total messages sent


58% - Direct messages


42% - Public/private channels

NOTE: Admins cannot read your DM's...

Course Certifcation

Course Certification

Graduation Requirements:

✓ 80% of homework assignments completed

✓ 80% of classes attended

✓ Final project turned in

Certificates of Completion:

• Emailed in two-three weeks

• State that you have met the requirements

• Signed by our regional director

You + GA

Welcome to the Family

You + GA

Take Advantage:

Alumni Perks

⇒ $$$ credit towards a part-time or immersive course

Stay Connected:

⇒ GA NYC alumni Facebook group

⇒ Attend events

Alumni Study Group

Next Steps

Next Steps

Keep Learning JavaScript:

⇒ Data structures (arrays and objects)

⇒ Loops and iterators

Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX)

⇒ API's

⇒ Use a library/framework - React

⇒ Learn the backend (check out Node.js)

Next Steps

Set Goals:

⇒ Learn one new concept/language/library every month

⇒ Code for at least 15 minutes each day

Build, Build, Build:

⇒ The ultimate self-teaching method

⇒ Use API's!

Continue Your Education:

⇒ Take an online CS course - check out CS50

⇒ Enroll in an immersive program

Keep Coding

Course Review

Course Review

• Check for an email from GA w/ a link for the review

• Please provide honest feedback - helps Rastko and I get better

• You can leave feedback anonymously, or provide your name

• This feedback is shared with the instructional team

Final Presentations

Final Project Checklist

✓ Fix any last minute issues

✓ Push your code up to GitHub

✓ Open using

✓ Consider submitting to

Final Presentations

1. Open

2. Walk us through what you built

3. Discuss features you are proud of

4. Tell us how you built it

5. What was challenging?

6. What's next for you and the project?

Thank You